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South City Walks
It will start with Assi Ghat which is the resting ground of the university students along with lots of foreigners who linger around here to find the peace and tranquillity. Harish Chandra Ghat is one of the two cremation Ghats (the other being Manikarnika Ghat) and is some times referred as Adi Manikarnika (the original creation ground). Hindus from distant places bring the dead bodies of their near and dear ones to the Harish Chandra Ghat for cremation. Kedareshwar of Kasi is said to be equivalent to the Kedareshwar of Himalayas. The Kasi Kedara mahatmya tells that Lord Kedareshwar kept his fifteen kalas in Kasi and he is in Kedareshwar only with his sixteenth kala. Kedareshwara appeared in Kasi from the food made up of Green gram, kept as Naivedya to him, by the king Mandhata. The Kedareshwar temple is present at Kedar ghat.

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